Embracing Art Can Help You Relax and Unwind
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Embracing Art Can Help You Relax and Unwind

I have always had a "type-A" personality. I work very hard and I often overload my schedule with obligations. While I love my career, it is very stressful. A few years ago, I developed insomnia that my doctor told me was likely due to my high-stress life. I knew I had to find a way to relax, but I was unsure how to do it. I didn't want to take pills or anything. I decided to re-visit an old passion of mine, which is painting. I loved to paint in art class in high school, but I hadn't painted since! I bought the supplies I needed and from the moment my paintbrush touched the canvas, I was in love with art again. Art has helped my life so much I want to inspire others to embrace art as therapy. I plan to post many art tips on my new blog!


Embracing Art Can Help You Relax and Unwind

How To Make Sure Your Custom Bronze Statue Is As Beautiful As Possible

Jessica Webb

Bronze statues are a beautiful way to honor an individual. However, if you want the bronze statue to be as beautiful as possible and if you want the statue to be impressive, there are several mistakes you should avoid making.

Make Sure the Details Are Correct

Details are very important with a bronze statue. For example, you will want the professional sculpting the artwork to know if the subject is left-handed or right-handed. If the subject is famous for wearing certain attire, it's important to get the details right so that the statue can be as authentic as possible.

Tell the sculptor as much as possible about the personality of the individual who will be sculpted. For example, if the individual was famous for being warm and approachable, you may not want the statue to appear stiff and pompous. 

Avoid Making Typos

Bronze sculptures often have text engraved on a plaque that can be read by anyone. It's important to make sure that the text is proofread before you have the bronze statue created because it will be expensive to fix it in the future.

Clean Your Sculpture

Once the bronze statue has been created, it will need to be maintained so that it will continue to look beautiful. Grime, dust, and dirt can all accumulate on a bronze statue. When a statue is properly maintained, it will continue to be beautiful for years to come. 

One problem that a bronze statue might experience is "bronze rot." This is a white residue that forms on the bronze statue and is a reaction to the metal and chlorine. You will usually not want to use water to clean your bronze statues. If you will use water, make sure that it's completely purified. 

The bronze statue should never be submerged in water and water must never enter the joints. Make sure that the sculpture is sealed against moisture with beeswax.

Invest in Maintenance

You will need to have the bronze sculpture inspected from time to time. A bronze sculpture doesn't need to be repaired very often but you will want to look for signs of oxidation. Bronze statues that are kept outside can become damaged by extreme heat and humidity.

Fortunately, in addition to hiring a professional to create your bronze statue, you can also hire a professional bronze statue maintenance specialist who will make sure that your statue is kept in great condition. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers custom bronze statues.